How to film Tom Merrick's Bodyweight Warrior Live

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Mar 11, 2024

If you have been invited to obtain a Director's Pass for Tom Merrick's Bodyweight Warrior Live, not only will you receive a free ticket worth £14.95, but you will also be paid £40 to film yourself doing the workout!

We intend to create a marketing video of this special live one-off Tom Merrick event and that includes some quick clips of some of the guests enjoying the workout at home :-)

As long as you are booked on, and own a mobile phone, you are good to go!  However, there are a few important things to do first, outlined in this blog post.

Director's Passes are limited, so if you are interested, please read the guidelines below, and if you are happy to go ahead, book and then let me know!


How to film Tom Merrick's Bodyweight Warrior Live

Here are the terms and conditions.


1.) Be sure you can attend and commit. This is a marketing project for Stardio, with quite an investment, so it is very important to us that if you book, you are sure you will attend. Stardio does not operate a waiting list, so it is essential for us that the people who book will be sure to participate. The date is April 10th, starting at 18.30 (we recommend joining the Waiting Room from 18.25).  Please let us know ASAP if you are not able to attend by emailing


2.) Book your free Guest Pass.  Please book your free Guest Pass before March 30th.  It is very simple to book a guest pass and here is a written and video guide to show you each step.  Once have watched / read the guide, head over to the event page and book your free Guest Pass by selecting ‘TRY FOR FREE’.  Please keep that link highly confidential. The Director's Passes are invite only.


3.) Let Jonathan know you have booked, and the name of the person who invited you.  You can do this by emailing  In your email, please tell me who told you about the Director's passes.  Once you have done that, your place is secured.


4.) Follow the following procedures for filming.  To be sure to be paid £40, please ensure you have read the following procedures.


  • Make sure your mobile phone has enough free storage space available.  Please have your phone on its highest settings (HD is ideal - it does not need to be in 4K). The workout could be up to 45 minutes long, so we suggest you have about 15 GB available on your phone.
  • Film in landscape mode (not portrait - portrait mode videos will not be accepted). Most of the workout is floor based so it is important your phone is filming horizontally.  It is okay if you either use the front or rear camera - in fact we suggest the rear camera so you can be confident you are in the frame.
  • Have your phone stable. If you have a tripod then great!  Otherwise, please rest it against some books or position it on a chair.  You can get another person to film too - we just ask they keep the phone reasonably stable.
  • Get your whole body in shot.  This is not a highly lateral workout, so it will be easy to get your entire body in the shot.
  • Film yourself - Not the laptop screen.  We wish to see you!  So please point your camera towards you and not the workout that is happening on your laptop screen.
  • Be sure your phone is fully charged.  Filming can draw quite a lot of battery power so it must have enough power to film for the duration of the workout. 


5.) Send the video by April 15th. Get paid!  A Google Drive folder will be set up, so you can just transfer the video to Stardio.  A separate email will be sent to you with those details, along with an invoice template. 


Please note


Payments will not be made if:

- The video was filmed in portrait mode.

- If you were not able to join the stream (for any reason) and therefore not able to submit a video.

- If you are obscured in the video (such as an object being in front of the lens, or a blurry lens) and / or you are significantly out of the frame. 

- If you are not able to submit a video by April 15th.


We look forward to seeing you at 18.30 (we suggest you join the Waiting Room from 18.25) for Tom Merrick's Bodyweight Live workout! 


Head over to ‘How to Get Your Guest Pass’ first.


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