Integrated Pricing

Whether you are a light user, teaching just a few classes a month, or plan to teach fulltime on Stardio and grow your business, there is an option for you.




The first 50 instructors to sign up to a Stardio membership will receive free access for two months plus free annual CIMSPA membership, worth £36. Already a CIMSPA member? We will give you an extra free month Stardio membership!

All Inclusive. All In One.

Both plans feature very similar features but with differences designed for light users and more full-time users.


£11.99 + VAT per month

For the next 2 months, you will not be charged any membership fees or streaming fees.

With the Essential plan, you get all the core features with:

  • Free CIMSPA membership for one year worth £36. If you are already a CIMSPA member, you will receive a refund of your first month’s Stardio Essential membership*2
  • Up to 25 participants per class
  • An allowance of 500 Airtime minutes, enough for 8 one hour sessions per month
  • Discounted educational workshops
  • £4.50 + VAT streaming fee per participant per month

*1 For the first 50 customers only

*2 For the first 50 customers only. If already a CIMSPA member, extra free month will be in the way of a refund.


See the full list of features >

During the promotional period, and if you are one of the first 50 customers, you will not be charged a monthly membership fee and you will not be charged any streaming fees. The promotional period will begin on the day you activate your account and cease two calendar months later. After the promotional period, you with be charged a membership fee of £24.99 + VAT (if you select the Primetime plan) or £14.99 + VAT (If you select the Essential plan) per calendar month. This will auto-renew on a monthly basis until you decide to cancel. If you do not wish to continue your membership after the two month promotional period, you will need to cancel your membership from within your Dashboard before the promotional period ends. You can also email

You will receive an email with information about how to activate your CIMSPA membership. If you are already a CIMSPA member, we will also give you the information you need to claim a free month’s Stardio membership.

Once the promotional period has ended, you will be charged a streaming fee per participant per calendar month. Streaming fees are automatically deducted on a monthly basis from your funds based on the number of participants you have. The streaming fee depends on which tier you have selected. Please refer to the streaming fees above.

Core Features

Simple Member ManagementYou can access all your participant's details, including their progress and profile, from your dashboard.
Automated EmailingYou are always free to email your participants, but many of the communications can be sent automatically on your behalf.
Easy Class Booking and ManagementIt's easy for your participants to book a class directly from your calendar.
Taking PaymentsOur Stripe integration allows your participants to subscribe to your services on a recurring monthly basis.
Drag and Drop Class CreationOur Workout Editor makes creating a class not only a breeze but creative and exciting.
Music IntegrationAccess freshly updated royalty music from our partner Alibi or upload your own.
HITT PresetsHIIT classes can take time to assemble, especially if you want to get them synced up to music!
Integrated WorkoutsYou can be as creative as you like with Workout Editor, whether a yoga class, a HIIT class or a chair routine.
Video Streaming designed for FitnessOur live video platform has been designed from the ground up for fitness.
AutocueJust like a live TV show, your autocue will display real time motivation, options and move prompts.
Pre-Roll CardIt’s all about engaging with the team, so the pre-roll card will give you automatic prompts.
Guest PassesSome people might be hesitant to try a group exercise class, so you can issue Guest Passes to anyone.
Personalised Profile PagesCreate an exciting profile page that shows who you are, what you offer and why people should join your wonderful group.
Event PagesWe feel every class is any event that needs to be shared, so you can create exciting event pages.

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