How it works

If you teach any form of fitness and wellness to a group of people, either face-to-face or online, Stardio is a platform that allows you to run your business online and grow your audience from beyond those four walls!

Everything about Stardio is designed for group exercise and wellness. We believe that when people go on a wellness journey together, they get better results, are more consistent and feel more accountable. 

When signing up for Stardio, you use the platform to facilitate your business. All communications, classes and transactions are between you and your group.

Stardio has no contact with your members or any engagement with them. All we do is provide you with the tools to make things easier, quicker and more creative.

Stardio operates on something we call Airtime. This is the number of minutes you have every month to stream classes. The minutes depend on your chosen tier, which resets at the end of each month.

How does the pricing Work?

Stardio offers two different tiers designed to cater for both light and heavy users. There are two different fees to consider - a subscription fee to Stardio and a streaming fee, both depending on your tier.

Your subscription fee is a monthly fee that gives you access to services on Stardio. This is recurring until you cancel. There are no minimum contracts. 

The streaming fee is charged per participant per month. This varies according to what tier you are subscribed to Stardio with. The streaming fees are automatically deducted from your collected funds from your members, which you can then withdraw to your bank account from within your dashboard. You can also download an invoice for every streaming fee for VAT and accounting purposes.

How do I move over or attract new participants to my Stardio account?

You can share your unique profile link directly or on social media to attract existing or potential participants. You can also tell them you are on Stardio, and they can search for your name when they sign up.

Participants wishing to sign up and subscribe to you are then taken through a signup process, including reviewing and agreeing to your policies and PARQ.

Once that person successfully subscribes, after paying your first month's membership fee, that person is now a subscriber to you and can book a place in any of your classes.

I am interested, but I don't have any online participants - how do I find them?

That's actually a great position to be in! You can carve your own niche. Millions of people in the UK can't or won't go to the gym but are not motivated by watching workout videos on their own.

Many people feel exercise is only 'for the fit', and you can focus on people who can't find group exercise options suitable for them locally.

The key is to be creative. Can you double up with someone you know to offer special mindfulness classes besides what you offer? Can you offer a prize at the end of each month? Can you start with a 3-month course and combine it with nutrition advice?  Would you consider offering a guest speaker once a month?

The key is to think about what people are not getting elsewhere. With very low subscription rates, you can try Stardio with minimal risk.

We want you to succeed because we want the UK to become a healthier place mentally, physically and socially.  

What do I need?

Everything about Stardio is web-based. This means you do not need to download any applications, and the app will always be up to date. If you have a webcam and microphone, you are set to go! Stardio supports multi-camera and external microphones.

We recommend a wireless microphone for exceptional audio quality, and a range is available with our friends at Sound Dynamics. You must have a fast, reliable internet connection too.

What do my participants need?

All they need is a laptop, a webcam and a mic. We suggest they check they have a reasonably fast internet connection, but if they do not have existing problems, they should be fine.

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+How much does Stardio cost?
+How do I move over or attract new participants to my Stardio account?
+I am interested, but I don't have any online participants - how do I find them?
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+Do I need a fast Internet speed?
+Can I record my classes?
+Can I teach participants from all over the world?
+What if something goes wrong during a class? Can I get a partial refund?
+How do I contact support?

How do I contact support?

You can email and we will reply within 24 hours.

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