Stardio and The Ministry to Host Hybrid Tom Merrick Workout

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Mar 23, 2024

Stardio Announces Exclusive Live Workout with YouTube Fitness Star Tom Merrick: A High-Quality Interactive Flexibility Session to Strengthen Your Inner Armour!



Stardio, the innovative live group fitness platform, has announced an upcoming hybrid (online and onsite) live and interactive workout session, "Bodyweight Warrior Live," with Tom Merrick, who gives follow-along workouts to his one million YouTube subscribers.


Scheduled for April 10th 18.30 BST, this event will stream from The Ministry’s cutting-edge fitness studio, The Box, renowned for its nightclub-style ambiance (it is the sister company to Ministry of Sound after all!).

This exclusive session will cater to up to online 50 participants, from anywhere in the world, offering them a unique opportunity to develop warrior-like flexibility, core strength, and mobility.


Tickets are subsidised at £19.95 each, but Ministry members will be able to join for free.


6 Ministry members will have the chance to join Tom himself, during the time the workout is streamed to those at home - starring in their own workout video! 


Interactive and Personalised 

"Bodyweight Warrior Live" is designed to be a deeply personal and interactive experience.

Unlike traditional 'one to many' live streams, this session promises a two-way interaction, allowing participants to receive real-time feedback and personalised guidance from Tom Merrick himself, plus participate in a post-workout Q&A session, asking questions and seeking advice directly.


Stardio and The Ministry to Host Hybrid Tom Merrick Workout

Designed for Everyone

Despite the aggressive dramatic tone of the trailer (I just couldn't stop myself!), the workout is crafted to suit individuals at all levels of fitness, from regular gym-goers to those new to the fitness world. This session focuses on flexibility and mobility, rather than high-intensity cardio, making it an ideal addition to anyone’s daily or weekly routine.

No Special Equipment Required

No professional equipment is needed. Participants are advised to prepare a pillow and a mat (or a thick towel) and ensure they have adequate space to move. The session necessitates the use of a laptop or tablet with a webcam and mic, due to the social interactive quality of the workout.

Streamed from The Ministry

This exclusive event will be streamed from The Ministry, a space known for its high-quality audio and nightclub-style lighting. Chilled deep house music will set a motivating tone for a workout that is powerful, entertaining, and effective.


Stardio and The Ministry to Host Hybrid Tom Merrick Workout

Limited Availability 

With only 50 spots available, Stardio emphasises the exclusivity of this interactive workout session. This limitation ensures each participant receives individual attention and guidance, making for a truly personalised fitness experience.

Video-on-demand quality, with the social interactivity of live

Hosted on Stardio, participants will enjoy HD video quality, high bit-rate music, AI enhanced voice, video cut scenes, and the ability to ‘send love’ to Tom without needing to download any software.

Join us for an unforgettable workout experience. For more information and to secure your spot, please visit the Eventbrite page.  


Contact Information

For inquiries regarding hiring The Ministry’s The Box visit -

For more information about Tom Merrick, visit his YouTube channel.

For more information about Stardio, visit - 


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